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Teare and Sons sailmakers and ships chandlers were founded about 1866 by John Teare and traded on The Quay, Peel for 100 years. In addition to supplying the expanding 19th century fishing fleet Teare and Sons were shareholders in fishing boats and trading schooners. The Teare and Sons site is researching and telling Teare family stories.

See the Stories page for latest updates and Teare stories.

See the Book shop page for more about the Sail-room Stories and books about fishing, sailmaking and ships chandlers

The Teare name comes from the Isle of Man and there is more about its origins and distribution on Teare Name and Worldwide pages.

The Teare and Sons page has more about the sailmakers and ships chandlers business in Peel

If you’ve enjoyed this site then please tell your Teare friends and relatives about it and contact me to share your stories and anecdotes.

Click on the link Teear, Tear, Teare, Teer, McTear One Name Study for more about these  names


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