Teare Name

The Teare name originates from the Isle of Man and is contracted from the Manx gaelic, Mac-y-teyir, ‘son of the craftsman or carpenter’. The Teare name was first recorded in 1599, with variants Tear, Teere, Terre in 1611.

Teare place names – Isle of Man

Alfred Teare Close Douglas                              Ballateare Jurby

Ballateare’s Meadow Ballaugh                        Close mc Y Teare Patrick

Teare’s Bridge Patrick                                      Freddie Teare’s Steps Peel

(adapted from Manx Surnames)

Teare place names – International

Teare Mountain: 2187mtrs is in British Columbia between Holmes & McKale Rivers, NE of McBride

Teare Creek: is in British Columbia Williston Lake 56°17′ North, 124°26′ West

Teare Road: is in Moscow Idaho

 Teare – the famous and infamous

  • Billy Teare, an Irish storyteller.
  • Donald Teare, (1911-1979), British pathologist.
  • Eddie Teare, (born 1948), Manx, Minister of the Treasury and member of the House of Keys for Ayre.
  • Ethel Teare, (1894-1959), American, a silent film actress.
  • Keith Teare, (born 1954), Internet entrepreneur.
  • Kevin Teare, (born 1951), American, an artist.
  • Christine Teare, Manx, soprano  (http://www.christinetearesoprano.co.uk)
  • Anthony Teare, in 1992 the last person on the Isle of Man to be sentenced to death , appealed and then a retrial resulted in a sentence of life imprisonment


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